Retro SWR Meter

Remember those old lovable and simple SWR meters from back in the Heathkit days?  Simple tap off the coax, a couple of diodes as the forward and reverse RF probes, and a sensitive meter that can be switched to read in either direction?  Well, what's old is new again as we explore the topic in this episode of CWTD, but using a couple of simplifying techniques to produce something as workable as before ... and equally fun in the building process!


Quick Specs:


HF operation

Resistive – easy on rig

Analog meter – easy to read anywhere

No toroids to wind

No batteries!


Panel Layout:

  SWR/Bypass Switch

  Fwd/Rev switch

  Full-scale Set potentiometer

  Analog Meter:  200 ua FS






Theory of Operation






Wiring the "Retro SWR Meter" ... Ugly-Style!


Theory of operation with simple math


Show fwd and reverse values for typical SWR values 3:1, 2:1 1.5:1


SWR to rig always 2:1 or lower


Need to think about packaging


PC Board necessary?


open – infinite swr

three in series   150 ohms 3:1 SWR

two in series 100 ohms 2:1 SWR

two in parallel plus one in series 75 ohms 1.5:1 SWR

The actual meter we'll be using in this project ...

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